Rip Off Britain

Did you watch it?  I did warn you I’d be on your tellybox.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays, Episode 4 featuring lots of lovely people and me.

The piece I was asked to be involved in was with reference to the high cost of travel insurance for people with long term conditions.  It’s not just the high price though.  What we wanted to do with this story was highlight that often people don’t know their current travel insurance no longer covers them, or that their premiums will now be absurdly and often inequitably high, even if they’re many years post-diagnosis (as I am).

We also wanted to demonstrate that there are companies who will treat you as an individual, assess your case and provide a quote personal to your circumstance, holiday destination and health. I am so pleased Fiona Macrae of InsuranceWith was also featured on the same programme.  I was fortunate to meet Fiona at a time when I finally thought I’d best not travel anymore without insurance and discovered their personal approach and in turn an affordable cover.

I also hope that this feature may provoke discussions between individuals and their insurance companies to get some of the bigger companies who don’t ‘personalise’ insurance to become better at making the assessments of if they’re unable to offer ‘realistic’ travel insurance then simply not to offer it at all and to direct people to other companies who do offer it.

I’m personally pleased that the BBC also kept in mention of Phyllodes, not only verbally but also as I typed it into my computer.  Odd perhaps to be pleased with this but I was once told I was unique in my diagnosis and felt alone.  Since then I have met hundreds of others around the world (online and in person) who’ve also been diagnosed with Phyllodes and also felt alone.  I can guarantee someone looking at Rip Off Britain today doesn’t feel quite as alone as they did yesterday.

Anyway, I shall leave you to decide if I did the story justice.

4 thoughts on “Rip Off Britain

  1. Hi, I have just tried to view this episode of Rip Off Britain, only to receive the message “this episode is not available” or something similar. Will there be an update on the episode’s findings?

    • Hi
      Yes. Sadly the BBC decided only to show the episode online for 30 days. Such a pity as so many people have been asking for it as they’ve had problems with travel insurance following a long term condition.

      If you’re looking for insurance, contact They’re excellent and, unlike many other companies, treat you as an individual with an individual case.

      I’d love the BBC to make it available again.. maybe we should all write to them and ask!


  2. Just to let you know – I have tried to view this episode of Rip Off Britain only to get the message “this episode is not available” or something similar. Maybe it has passed the download date deadline? – or it is being updated?

    • Thanks. I’ve replied on your other comment. Would be great if BBC made this episode available as I’m asked often for information or help re travel insurance for people with long term conditions.

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