Riding for the Disabled – National Championships

Today was Day 2 of the 2015 National Championships for the Riding for the Disabled in Hartpury, Gloucestershire.

RDA Nationals

A truly inspirational event when you see the joy and enthusiasm with which everyone participates.  The incredible connection between rider and horse to be so professional and accomplished in their abilities.  Truly their various disabilities don’t hold these riders back and it is an honour to see the culmination of many many hours of practice and dedication for these riders in the National Championships.  Well done everyone.

My very talented niece once again made it through to the finals of the dressage and it was my absolute pleasure to be there today to support her.

Fortunately the weather this year was glorious (unlike last year) and Tori was one of the first in her group to compete.  I’m no expert but I could see a huge difference in her performance from last year and the previous year.  Here’s a little video.

And some pictures.

Tori riding

Tori’s test card and her well deserved rosettes.  Fourth place in her group (green rosette)Tori RosettesHighest Place Rider for the Pony Club in her GroupPony Club Highest PlaceAnd lots of love for Jinks afterwards.

Jinks loveWell done Jinks and Tori (my super talented oldest niece).  xxx

PS  If only there was an equestrian category for Intellectually Disabled in the Paralympics… why isn’t there?

PPS Huge thanks to Tori’s cousin, Danielle x

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