My niece is competing

Today was a terrifically proud moment for this Auntie.  My niece, Tori, was competing in the Riding for the Disabled Association’s National Championships.  An early start for us all (I stayed over) as we had to leave home by 6.30am to get the pony (King) into the trailer and to Hartpury in good time for Tori’s first competition entry at 9am. Tori’s cousin, Danielle, had kindly offered to help with the final preparations and also to ‘warm up King’ with a little riding before Tori took the reigns (literally!).

It was wonderful to see Tori competing at this level and not only taking part but doing really well.  She’s been told so many times in her life of the things she ‘can’t’ do, it’s wonderful to see something that not only can she do but she can excel at.

During the Olympics Tori, my brother and I went along to the equestrian element of the Modern Pentathlon which Tori loved watching… so much so I spent hours on the internet securing tickets for Tori and her Mum to go to the Paralympics Dressage a few weeks later.  I met up with Tori afterward who was so excited about what she had seen.  Enthused that people with “problems and disabilities” could be so brilliant.  She said surely if they can do it, then so can I.  And so she can!

Here’s a few photos of the day (click on thumbnails to enlarge):

RDA Tori - July 2013IMG_3852Doesn’t she look magnificent?

4th place in her class for Best Turned Out Pony & Rider and 6th place in her class for dressage.  What a superstar!

I put a little video together for Tori of video and still pictures of the day.. if you’re interested… I am so very proud of Tori and her ability to control a horse, to remember the course and just simply to be so utterly fabulous.

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