Andi RIP

I woke up to the news that my funny, beautiful, caring, amazing friend Andrea aka Andi passed away. Andi had a sense of humour that never failed to make me chuckle or belly laugh in the most extraordinary moments. Andi carried me through many a dark hour when I was diagnosed with Phyllodes cancer and we’ve not stopped laughing since. She had been diagnosed many years ago and continued to have many recurrences and metastases over the years BUT never did it stop her from living and laughing. She taught everyone who met her so very much.

I was so very very blessed to have been able to spend PJ-Easter week with Andi and her family this year. Such a special week for me and I know that if laughter truly was the best medicine, I’d not be posting this right now as we laughed until it hurt/we pee’d!

Andi leaves behind a devoted husband, an incredible daughter Samantha and a step-daughter who she adored as her own. An amazing family and one where love truly united them all.

Rest in peace and pain free my beautiful friend. xxx

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