For over a year I’ve not felt brilliant with what I’ll describe (to save your blushes) with an upset stomach.  I’ve felt nauseous and at times been sick.  I won’t bore you with lots of other symptoms but suffice to say I did bore my GP with them.  Several visits and told I must have IBS or perhaps eaten something that didn’t agree.  Eventually I was referred to a gastro specialist but the referral day was when there was a computer glitch so required following up, running around picking up letters and chasing phone calls.  I eventually saw a specialist on 9th September.  Between the last visit to the GP and my consultant appointment I had noticed a small lump below my rib cage but typically I couldn’t feel it when I was in the appointment.  He urgently referred me for a colonoscopy and ultrasound.

I got to wear one of those lovely gowns and a pair of paper pants with a velcro flap at the back!  Hahaha so gorgeous.  Oh and how ironic that as I walked back through the waiting room, guess who was on the tellybox?

ColonoscopyThey took a number of biopsies during the procedure but couldn’t find the lump and suggested it’s in the connective tissue.  Maybe they’ll work it out from the ultrasound.  Although that then doesn’t explain my upset stomach and nausea.

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