Creating a beautiful clinic waiting room

Last night I attended the ‘big reveal’ of a project that I’ve been involved in as a patient advocate for the past 18 months. Clinic 8 at Charing Cross Hospital is part of the medical oncology clinic and patients and carers can spend hours here day after day waiting for appointments with consultants, scans, radiotherapy or chemo. It was a dull room with no natural light, uncomfortable chairs in a row, blank walls and a reception desk that you couldn’t see over or if anyone was there. Bleak and certainly not where you’d want to spend any time! We, a group of patient advocates, asked for some artwork and a redecoration…. the plan got bigger and with the help of Kelly, a research nurse, we got approval to commission an artist to change the space.

Extensive surveys of patients, carers and staff have been done before the changes and more surveys will be done when the new chairs are in place… hopefully we can prove that art has a place in a medical environment and helps patients and carers during a difficult time.

Thought I’d share some pics with you…. So proud of David’s healing meadow of flowers and butterflies.

“The Butterfly Project is the creation and installation of 250 ceramic pieces in the patient waiting area of the medical oncology clinic at Charing Cross Hospital. The artist, David Marques describes the concept of the artwork as “Science with care… and how together this can help us find new treatments, kinder treatments and more people surviving cancer. It takes a partnership between everyone to make this happen”.

The butterfly wing shape was inspired by the DNA helix and each white butterfly represents a patient coming to us for treatment. The healing meadow of flowers represent the therapies patients receive during treatment as well as the people they meet along the care pathway. The butterflies take on the patterns of the flowers and fly on their way.

David is an accomplished ceramic artist who creates beautifully intricate work for both large-scale art installations as well as collectable objets d’arts. Born in Switzerland of Portuguese origin, David worked for many years in Geneva’s watch and jewellery industry before graduating from Central St Martins in 2013 with a 1st Class BA Hons in Ceramic Design. In 2014, David was shortlisted for a University of the Arts London Creative Award. In the same year, he was selected for a studio at London’s renowned creative business hub, Cockpit Arts, where he continues to work on private and public commissions.”

Link to one of the articles from last night –…/new…/news_5-2-2016-16-43-25

Oooh and they’re making some wallpaper from the design as well as screenprinting it onto some glass doors that will appear at different spots around the oncology clinic, research and wards.

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