Mum dies

I think this is the start of the journey I want, and feel able, to share with you. My Mum, who I, like so many daughters had a sometimes difficult relationship, had Multiple Sclerosis. Mum was always someone who could make something of nothing and be enormously positive about what she can and will do. A lot of close friends and acquaintences didn’t know Mum had MS until the later years as she was determined ‘Just to get on with it’ and do whatever she desired to do. When her husband (my step-father) died she suddenly found it harder and felt very lost and alone and her MS got worse quite quickly. Until the end of last year she lived independently, in her own home and drove and adapted car or terrorised the pavements in an electric buggy. It was felt that so that Mum could remain in her own home, we would employ a carer to live in and assist. Quickly she needed two 24/7 live-in carers as her body slowly stopped playing nicely. Until the end of July however she was still attending concerts in the local church and films in the village hall.

At the very end of July Mum said to me on my weekly visit “You know what, I think I’ve had enough now”. I knew then that it was only a matter of time but also knew she was desperate to ensure that her latest grandchild arrived safely into this world.

On the morning of 7th August, the call came to advise that she was a grandmother again to a little girl, Celeste. After receiving this news she asked the carers for a good clean and scrub up, despite being very very weak. She then asked them to call my brother and I to be with her and said it was time. We arrived and sat with her, my brother having been able to print out photos of our new neice and show Mum, we then watched the life ebb away from her. It was incredibly so peaceful and painless – if you could have a checkbox death, this would be it!

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