More searching

I’ve managed to find a Science Daily report but cannot access the whole report. This is so frustrating as it actually seems to be imply that they’ve carried out a clinical trial and may give me a key to the best approach. Science Daily.

You can only imagine how many sites and pages I’ve searched and read to try to get a good balanced picture of possible treatment to allow me a future.

I have to keep breaking off my search whilst my eyes mist up with tears or I need a snooze or get a pulse of pain.. this is hard but I need to do it before I go further.

A couple of things that are so definately obvious is that it does metastase (which means spreads) and it can recur once removed. Chemotherapy doesn’t work but radiotherapy although hard is worth doing just to reduce the risk of recurrance. Mastectomy is a good option to ensure that the tumour is removed in full early on. The tenticles that the tumour grows and spreads out are difficult to see or remove completely which if left will allow the tumour to recur.

I’m not liking what I’m finding but I know that this doesn’t happen in every instance and my consultant may well have got it all and nothing further is required.

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