Macmillan nurse call

Greta called me today following my queries on the answerphone.  She’s brilliant and what a fab service she (and their team) provides.  She gently assures me that have spoken with another consultant (mine’s on holiday) the believe that it would be best to do another excision first to then test this and then, if need be, perform a mastectomy.  The voice of reason was there – she asked if I could cope if they did perform a mastectomy and the testing of the removed tissue proved that they had got the tumour in the first operation.  How would I feel having unnecessarily authorised the removal of my breast?  She’s right – that would fill me with horror.

She apologised once more that the literature given to me about a Phyllodes Tumour has only one line about a malignant version and tells me that she’s been speaking with the publications and reference departments asking them to see if it would be possible to ensure that there is a publication about a malignant phyllodes tumour however she felt that they wouldn’t do this as it is so rare and resources were tight and needed to be spent on more prevalant cancers.

Greta also noticed that I had been booked in for the 2nd operation on 19th November but remembered that I had discussed my music request for the operating theatre as Handel’s Fireworks on the basis that it was Guy Fawkes ie 5th November.  I asked that if there was a reason that the operation should be later then that was OK but I would prefer it sooner and over with but it MUST be with the same consultant – I totally trust him to do the right thing, for me.  Could it be an administration error?

Oh, could I wait for yet another 14 days?

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