2nd op confirmation and more searching

Greta called back early today to say that she had been able to speak with the other consultant (mine’s still on holiday) who has had a look at my notes and test results etc.  The other consultant has agreed to take one of the patients off my consultant’s already brimming surgical list from the 5th November, so that my appointment remains on the 5th November with my consultant.  I can’t express how relieved I am to have my operation as expected on the 5th November and with a consultant whom I trust.

Today I spent a long time searching through pages and pages on the internet.  I was able to find some information about a phyllodes tumour but very little information still (read none!) about a malignant variety.  Why can’t I find information?  I deserve answers.  I deserve to know what this is about?  I need to know more so that I can prepare for the road ahead.  I’m scared and frightened and don’t know where to turn to.  I’m lucky in that I have support from friends and family (although I’m somewhat angry at Mum for not being here to help) but I need answers, real answers and facts, numbers and statistics.  What is my prognosis?

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