Scheduled follow up appointments

I was due my ‘promised’ 12 week scan in the middle of July. I had a note in my diary but no appointment date/time. As it was due right in the middle of my moving to London and the million and one things that I had to do at the time, I figured that I’d chase it up only when I had a minute however should the appointment card appear, I’d rush to my scan. You guessed it, no appointment card appeared.

I have however been having little sharp pains which I’m hoping are due to moving and lifting so much stuff or perhaps I’ve bashed the wound. I’ve also been extremely tired and my mind tells me that I was like that before but I’m trying to override it by telling it that the ‘Lazy Gene’ is pushing for attention!

So I called them up. After having to dial a squillion different numbers within an automated system and getting frustrated when having pressed 1 for this and 4 for that and 2 for this and 8 for that, the options dried up and I couldn’t get to the hospital unit anyway! So I ended up with the PALS team (patient liaison) who, as usual, a) understood my frustration and b) managed it and found answers.

The answers however were not what I wanted to hear. They were told that ‘it had been decided’ that I was now only to be getting an annual mammogram.

Errr I don’t think so.

I was livid, upset and felt, once again alone. How can all my follow up scans be ‘cancelled’ and I not be informed or the issue discussed with me? My consultant it appears is also unaware of the radiographers decision as I have an appointment to get my results from him for the scan that they’re not going to give me!?!?

I’m really not sure medics understand the need for a follow up schedule for cancer patients. To have an agreed date in the diary of the next appointment, be it next week, next month or next year, means there feels there is some support and should there by any problems, we know that we’re seeing someone in x days. This reduces the anxiety and stress of the individual but also, surely makes easier planning for the medical teams.

After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing I was eventually ‘granted’ a scan. So 30th July is my next scan.

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