Edinburgh trip for my niece’s 6th birthday

My niece called me a few weeks ago and invited me to her 6th birthday party in Edinburgh.  I said thank you and she asked me if I wanted to know why I was being invited?  Of course I said ‘yes’ but was surprised by the answer.  Apparently I’m the only person who can bake the best birthday cakes in the whole world!!  No pressure then!  Oh and I’m in charge of entertainment – eek.

I arrived at bedtime the evening before the birthday party laden with a suitcase full of ingredients (and balloons).  An evening baking (with the odd glass of vino) and my masterpiece was ready for the birthday party the following afternoon.  I wasn’t able to hide the tower of chocolate cake so decided to show Iola in the morning.  Phew, she was delighted and the best bit was yet to be revealed at her party!

Iola cake

I just loved the sounds and squeals form my niece and her friends as we cut into the ‘magic cake’!

Entertainment was easy:

  • Move all mattresses in the house to the floor and walls of a room.
  • Blow up (3/4 full) as many balloons as your lungs can cope with.
  • Place balloons into mattress zone.
  • Release the children.
  • Check on them once in a while and ensure they pop out for hydration and refreshment occasionally.
  • Adults chill out away from the ‘balloon room’!

A little pre-party practice, but so much tamer than when the friends arrived:

So much fun and truly no other party games are required.  The kids love it!

As I was in Edinburgh for the weekend we made the most of it and I took the kids to the Edinburgh Science Festival.  Brilliant hands-on things to do.  The girls got really involved with lots of questions of why? when? how?  Not only fun but I think we all learnt a few things too.

EdinburghScienceLove these girls.  x

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