Gastroscopy with sedation!

Here we go again.  I feel sick at the thought of what is going to happen today.  I soooo wish I’d had sedation the first time and then apart from not having to do this again, I’d also not know what it feels like to have a tube with a camera shoved down my throat!

Very nervous for my pre-procedure discussion.  Nearly passed out when they attempted to find a vein and give me the sedation…  Today’s consultant is way less empathic than the last and took only a minute to tell me that I was being weak having sedation as it doesn’t hurt!  So pleased when I was asleep and didn’t have to know anything else.  I was however a little surprised to wake up with a black eye – what happened whilst I was under?

I left with the report which advised that there was minor reflux oesophagitis, further down in the stomach there was gastritis.  A biopsy was taken from my stomach and sent for testing.

They have recommended antibiotics to manage the gastritis and infection.

Although this may explain the rectal bleeding this doesn’t explain how it started or where it came from.

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