Precious people

You know from previous posts that I’ve a dear friend going through chemo at the moment.  Some days are tougher than others and some days are just plain exhausting for her.  However true to her enormous courage and strength she tries to do so much and mostly for others.

 Yesterday she was at the House of Commons with Target Ovarian charity for a reception with guest MPs, Lords and Trustees together with doctors and researchers who are working to improve the lives of women diagnosed with ovarian cancer.  It is also an opportunity to speak with politicians and other guests about this rare cancer and raise awareness.  Particularly poignant as last year Letitia attended this event with Kerry, who sadly is no longer with us.

Today however was a treat day.  She was attending the new cancer centre at UCLH for a session with the team about meditation.  There has been over the years quite a bit written about meditation helping people cope with long term illnesses and, of course, the reduction of stress.  Recently there has been a few articles written about the definate benefit for cancer patients and indeed Penn University in the US have a course of mindful meditation specifically for their patients (see my notes from the workshop at the YSC Atlanta Conference in 2010).

We had arranged to meet for lunch, headed into Covent Garden and found ourselves at Brasserie Blanc.  OK so it was a little deliciously naughty but hey, we deserve it!

We were tucked neatly into an alcove which looked into the middle of Covent Garden but from where we could dine and chat without being overheard or interrupted.  It really was a super spot and it was only at 3.45pm that we realised the time!

And doesn’t Tish look fantastic.

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