Neurology Appointment

Finally, after several visits to the GP I have now received an appointment with a Neurologist.  I have been extremely concerned as I’ve had a headache for many months that barely seems to dissipate.  Not always delibitating but sometimes it’s accompanied by a visual disturbance so that I can’t read, see a computer, watch anything and feel nauseous.

Recently, my GP ran a number of blood tests to see if they could find anything awry that may be causing the headaches.  My GP tells me that two of the tests have come back with extremely high results but on their own don’t tell us enough but could be an indication of a number of different ailments. Oh joy but hence my referral to the experts!

The consultant I saw today was extremely thorough.  A long questioning followed by some visual and physical tests.  He then asked that I follow this appointment with ‘a few’ blood tests and also referred me for an MRI of my brain.

I don’t mind saying that some of my concern relates to my phyllodes – could it have spread to my brain?  I also know that might make me sound paranoid but it’s a concern that keeps popping up.  However I’m also aware that I’m getting to that age when my body is changing and these changes have different impacts on my health!

The nurse nearly passed out when I handed him my blood test forms… after a short while he counted them up and suggested I make myself comfortable whilst he takes 17 vials of blood!  Wowza, we needed to find a second vein to complete the drain!

Now to wait on the blood test results and the MRI appointment.

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