Neurology results

Some 7 months after my first neurology appointment, I’m back at the hospital to meet with my neurology consultant.  I’ve received a letter in the interim advising that the MRI was clear – a huge relief that there’s no phyllodes loitering in my brain!  But that didn’t explain why I was still having headaches – although less frequently.

My consultant was very chuffed that he’d also been able to pull my notes from the neurology department of a different hospital that I’d attended in 1991 with headaches and visual disturbances!  I have to say that I’d not been hopeful that they’d even still exist however he said that this had been a huge help to see a pattern over 20 years!  Well done consultant for finding them.

He confirmed that the MRI hadn’t shown anything untoward and the blood tests hadn’t shown anything awry either.

I told him that I have been following his advice of dissolving a dispersible aspirin under my tongue when I get a headache or visual disturbance.  It does work however I was concerned that at times I needed to take these regularly.

His conclusion was that I was someone susceptible to migranes but whom didn’t have particular triggers.

His advice was to continue to take the odd aspirin when needed.  However with a caveat; should the headaches get worse then I should return to him when he would probably be prescribed daily migrane medication.  It was suggested that this ‘prescription’ should be taken with Dom Perignon – hehe he obviously knows my penchant for bubbles!

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