6 monthly checkups

A wonderful visit to Belfast to see Johan Gant and Nikki Tweed become Mr and Mrs Gant on 4th July.  Fabulous day and so pleased Johan was able to source and I was able to secure flights to enable me to be there between medical appointments.


This morning, I was up and out of the hotel in Northern Ireland at the delightful hour of 4.45 A.M.… a time that I’ve not seen for quite a while!  Quick dash to the airport, a small flight to Gatwick, train to Clapham, bus to the Kings Road and then a short walk to the Royal Marsden Hospital.  Whoohooo I even managed to do all that AND be early for my appointments.

You see it was my six monthly checkups today.  My July regimen is ultrasound, mammogram and a chest x-ray.

There has been some discussion within the medical world that checkups are unnecessary, worrisome to the patients and costly to the NHS purse.  It’s been suggested that perhaps cancer patients should have less frequency in checkups.  Or no checkups at all BUT rely on patients raising concerns or with ‘quick access’ back into the system should we find any lumps.  This CANNOT happen.

I’ve been fabulously fortunate in that my medical teams have advocated for me to have a thorough checkup regimen agreed.

Today I was grateful for their professionalism and care of my health and these regular checks.

My mammogram slides have shown some spots that need further investigation.  The radiologist doesn’t believe that they are more Phyllodes tumours but suggests that they may be a scattering of DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ). Because of the location of the ‘spots’ she has suggested that I come back for a stereotactic biopsy where they will be able to suction out several tissue samples.   I will hear next week about a date for this biopsy but expect it to be in the next week or so.  Following the biopsy, the samples will be sent to the pathologists.  Then the MDT (multi-disciplinary team) will assess the results and advice what the next steps are.

I’ll keep you posted…

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