I’ll know soon what the ‘dots’ are…

OK so they promised to call this afternoon.  Why is it that ‘this afternoon’ is more than just a specific time?  I’ve been on eggshells all day however have put it to good use – 3 lots of washing (done and dry), walk in the park, grocery shopping, front garden weeded, yukka trees pruned and hedges tidied up, lawns mown, jasmine tied back, back garden weeded and cleared out, patio hosed down, pathways swept and tidied, roses deadheaded… etc!  Amazing how much you can achieve when you’re trying not to realise the time is passing and the phone isn’t ringing.

The phone eventually rang at 4.30pm and the lady from the Marsden introduced herself.  It was clear that she wasn’t sure if I knew exactly what had been seen on the scans nor what was ahead.  I told her I did and suddenly the call became so much easier!  Upshot is that they’ve made an appointment for me on Thursday to have stereotactic biopsies under mammogram in the morning and then see my sarcoma specialist in the afternoon for the results.

How efficient is that?  Both appointments in the diary.  The specialists have seen my earlier scans, I’ll have the results delivered to me by my consultant with the pathology already completed.  And all that within a week since the ‘dots’ were first found on my scan.

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