Biopsy phone call

What a caring service I’ve received at Royal Marsden already.  This was continued this morning when one of the breast care nurses phoned to let me know the results of the pathology and to spare me another anxious weekend.

The pathology has indicated that the little dots are calcifications and are benign.  With consultation with the breast cancer team they have also concluded that the horrid biopsy took out enough of the new ‘dots’ to be able to feel that they are all of a similar nature and therefore nothing to be concerned about.  No surgery, no chemo and no radiotherapy.  She also explained that as I was already being monitored on a 6 monthly basis because of my phyllodes sarcoma, they were satisfied that should the ‘dots’ do anything odd they would be picking it up early in any event.  Great news.

I will, however, still be attending the follow up appointment on Monday in order to clarify in my mind why these ‘dots’ have appeared so quickly and reconfirm that all is OK.

Life lesson – I also realised today that I’m a creature of habit… when I am anxious or have stress in my life, I need colour… will post a picture of my newly colourful shed shortly!

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