Consultant results appt

Visiting the Royal Marsden today.  Always love that they have a wing named the ‘Wallace Wing’.

I’m loitering in the waiting room and it slowly empties… I’m still sat there.  Eventually it was only myself and one other lady waiting to see a consultant.  Even the receptionists had gone home!

My appointment was second to last… I waved at the other lady as I went in and we laughed!

My consultant was lovely.  She said that there was nothing to worry about on either my chest x-ray nor the ultrasound results.  I’m signed off from scans for another 6 months, whoohoo.

She asked about my general health and I mentioned the headaches.  I told her that the neurologist had said it must be the menopause.  Haha she asked instantly how young the male consultant was!  Anyway after a brief conversation about them, about MRIs, symptoms and tests, she said I should head back to the GP to investigate further.  She was adamant that it would be unusual at my age to be menopause related… but perhaps.  Sadly I was asked again when Mum started her menopause – usually the pattern follows mother -> daughter.  Sad because I don’t know and Sad because I can’t ask her.

Great news about the scans though.

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