Fascinating Aida

We’ve just got in from seeing Fascinating Aida perform at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank.  What a scream.  Laugh out loud (or for you young ones LOL) humour.  Blinking brilliant.

You may have heard of them from their YouTube clip ‘Cheap Flights for 50p‘ which went viral on social media and I often see posted again and again.

The whole show consisted of similar short sketches.  Each one of them topical, edgy, funny and more than often a little rude!  I particularly loved that some of their ‘ditties’ said exactly what I’d love to say but never have as I thought it may offend!  The audience was made up of all age groups and both sexes in pretty equal proportion.  I did worry a little when they performed ‘Dogging’  but as they were quick to point out if you’ve bought a ticket to see them you probably know what dogging is!

Oh and remember what OFSTED stands for – Overpaid Fuckers Shafting Teachers Every Day.

I was very grateful for the intermission though as my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.

They’re on tour for a few more months, so if you can get to see them DO IT!  You’ll love it.

If you can’t get to see them live, then do take a  minute to look through their clips on YouTube.  It’ll lift your day!

Enjoy x

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