I’m going Old Skool

I’m going Old Skool.

I’m NOT going to run a marathon (or a 10K);
I’m NOT going to climb Everest (or Kilimanjaro);
I’m NOT going to walk the length of Hadrian’s Wall (or do the MoonWalk); and
I’m NOT going to scale up the Shard (or abseil down it).

I AM going to do a sponsored weight-loss!

TARGET LOSS: 25 kilo
TIME: 13 January to 20 April (Easter Day)
AIM: Lose weight and also raise funds for Penny Brohn Cancer Care

With your sponsorship, I would receive not only support but also motivation and encouragement. I need to know that you’ll be monitoring my progress. I need to know that I’ll be sharing my success and that it won’t just be me who benefits. The more kilos I lose, the more money will go to Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

So how about it? What will you pledge per kilo lost?

In the Comment/Reply box below:
Enter your name and the £/$/Euro per kilo pledged
Add your email address and TICK the box “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” to get my progress reports. I will post my weight loss (as tracked on Withings scales) regularly, with the final weigh-in being on Easter Day.

Once the challenge is over and my weight-loss has been calculated, I will then ask you to make your donation directly to Penny Brohn Cancer Care via their donation page. I’ve chosen not to set this up via JustGiving or other fundraising sites so that every penny goes to the charity not to admin costs.

Wish me luck and tonight I’ll be enjoying my last takeaway curry for a while!!!!

Hehe told you it was ‘old skool’ fundraising.


20/01/14 – UPDATE – 1 week in and 4kg lost… great start!
27/01/14 – UPDATE – Disappointed with only 0.3kg lost this week.  Must try harder!
03/02/14 – UPDATE – Going in the right direction… slowly – 0.3kg lost again.
10/02/14 – UPDATE – Still losing (a little bit) – 0.7kg lost this week.
17/02/14 – UPDATE – Fed up as gained 1.1kg!
24/02/14 – UPDATE – Yippee lost 2.1kg.
03/03/14 – UPDATE – A dramatic weightloss of 0.3kg!
10/03/14 – UPDATE – Consistent eh?  Weightloss of 0.6kg
17/03/14 – UPDATE – Whooohooo another (drumroll) 0.3kg lost
22/03/14 – UPDATE – Drumroll… a whole 0.3kg lost
31/03/14 – UPDATE – Whooohooo 0.8kg lost this week
04/04/14 – UPDATE – Earlier than normal but after my 5 day detox juicing – loss of 2.3kg
14/04/14 – UPDATE – 0.2kg lost but 28cm!  See Juicy Oasis post.
19/04/14 – UPDATE – 0.3kg
Total lost at the end of the challenge: 11.7kg which in ‘old money’ is 25.8lbs or 1.8st


43 thoughts on “I’m going Old Skool

  1. Duncan and Polly – yes far too uncool to climb Kilo-manjaro! You have the right approach. We will go for £2 per kilo, backdated from the beginning, so thats you already got £8.50. Iola says to make sure you still make her cakes (just don’t eat them yourself).

  2. Just go for it think of all the Easter eggs you can eat with Tori and joe after. Roland
    £1.00 / kg

  3. @chickle I’ll sponsor you 50p/kg
    @MrFraig I’ll go 50p a kilo too! Good luck! x

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  5. I’m an “all or nothing” kind of guy so here is my pledge…. £60 if you lose the 25 kilo you set yourself as a target, nothing if you don’t make it! Good luck! xx

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  7. £20 donated directly from JohnS
    £20 donated (via my bank account) from Viv

    THANK YOU BOTH – Your collective £40 will:
    Provide the meals for both days of a residential course for someone affected by cancer; or
    An hour and a quarter of meditation/relaxation; or
    20 copies of the healthy eating guidelines; or
    One and a half people to attend a cooking demonstration session; or
    A third of the cost for someone to attend a Living Well residential course.


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