Whilst in Washington I attempted to do a few rows of Andi’s crochet project.  Actually I found it really rather addictive and so rewarding when it looks great.  Sadly I clearly needed a little more practice as I dropped a few stitches on Andi’s piece – but hey she’ll know the bit I ‘helped’ with!

So I decided that I’d try to crochet a small blanket for Andi.  Either as a throw over for a bed or to snuggle up with on the sofa.   First things first was to find some wool and crochet needle.  I found a wonderful little shop nearby StitchUp and naively went in to source supplies.  I left with a bag of wool and a new crochet hook… a little nervous as I can’t remember how to do it.


YouTube.  I found a fabulous channel Bella Coco and managed to get to grips with creating granny squares in about 15 minutes!


Another YouTube Video to find out how to do the outer edge.

IMG_8694And finally another video to learn how to join them together.

IMG_8693And the finished present for my lovely friend Andi.

IMG_8699Can’t explain just how proud I felt when I wrapped up a parcel for Washington with my handmade blanket.  Between the folds I snuck in a few extra little gifts for both Andi and Sam.  Homemade card, decoupaged heart, British chocolate and sweets, crazy mini tic-tac boxes that I thought Sam would love and finally a bracelet each for Andi & Sam from the wonderful company Rebel Rocks.

10422531_10152792599246814_8336563909036861021_nLoved the message I received from Andi and Sam when the package arrived in Washington.  “Received a wonderful package from @annagoanna1 !!!! Kept digging hoping to find Anna in there! What a great day!”

There’s something so very special about making gifts for people.  Made with love and care.

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