Today I went shopping for pajamas that do up at the front and a post-surgery bra. Usually I would be looking fo some lovely matching lingerie and choosing the prettiest or sexiest instead I found myself looking for comfort and practicality. I left the first shop in tears as all that was on offer was hideous in style, harsh in material and utterly practical. I then head to M&S as I’d read that they stock post-surgery bras. I have never been so embarrased or humiliated in my life. I couldn’t see any suitable, practical, front-fastening bras so asked an assistant. She shouted across the shop to her colleague about what we were looking for and why so everyone looked at me. The new colleague then said to me ‘oh yes we keep some samples but they’re not very nice and they’re probably at the bottom of the cupboard’. She rummaged around and then dumped them on the counter in front of all queuing and announced this was all they had and I’d have to go somewhere else if these weren’t right. I left, shuffling out of the shop, hating the fact that I had to look for one any way but didn’t need to be treated like a second class citizen. I didn’t do anything bad to need this operation. It wasn’t my fault. Next shop was Debenhams where the young shop assistant said ‘we don’t stock those things’. I left with nothing feeling totally battered.

Is there any reason at all why lingerie manufacturers can’t make post-surgery bras that are pretty and attractive? Can’t the shop assistants understand that this is a trying and difficult time? Perhaps post-surgery bras should be provided by the hospital to save us the humiliation.

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