Desperate to find some answers I resort once again to the internet and start searching through the forums on the Rare Cancer Support Alliance website.  After a few hours reading postings and also searching other sites, I find a posting from Trisha in Vegas that sounds similar and a link to her blog.  On Trisha’s blog I find the below text and email her through the site:

“”I celebrated the VERY first day of awareness month with a visit to my doctor. I kept getting these insane tearing/ripping pains just below my surgical breast on down to my ribs. Sometimes for no reason but usually with movement these horrible pains would strike. The other day I attempted to pull my shirt over my head and HOLY SMOKES!! Out of reaction I grabbed my breast and rib area and felt the craziest things. If you were to run your finger from the middle of my chest just below my breast and out towards my armpit, it would feel like you were strumming a guitar. Underneath my skin were these very thick, hard, ropey strands that ran up and down my ribs. Some even extended as far as down to my waist. Freaked me out. My doctor felt these strings, smiled, and said to me “Boy it’s always a pleasure to see you!””

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