The Internet is my friend too

Today I realised (although I’ve worked and used the internet for 20 years) how it really can be an invaluable tool for research and support at times like this.

I hope and pray you’ll never need to use it in the same way that I have. Faced with virtually no information available to me via the hospital, nurse or on the UK cancer sites, I had to google different questions to get a good cross-section of information and to be able to sieve out the unnecessary information, to learn how to not always read the worst case scenario and more importantly find as much validated medical information about my longterm health.

Trish posted a message on her Facebook wall which just goes to prove that there are angels alive and amongst us:

…ATTN: My fellow phyllodes friends – request Anna Wallace on my friends list,she’s brand new and recently diagnosed with a malignant phyllodes tumor and needs our support! Let’s show her how beating breast cancer is done! WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!

I now have quite a few friends who understand what I’m going through and understand the daft insecurities and concerns, the frustration at not being able to easily get information about this type type of tumour, about why post-operative bras have to be quite so hideous (why can’t underwear manufacturers realise that we (and there’s quite a few of us) would buy buy buy something practical and sexy – we’re still women who want to be feminine!!).

I can’t stress enough how fantastic it has been to have friends who are going through a similar experience to exchange thoughts with and to ask questions of.

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