Congratulations Trisha and Rissa

Today in the sunnier climate of San Diego, California the amazing Trisha will marry her best friend and soul mate, Rissa.


I’ve loved watching excerpts their relationship together being played out on social media.  Rarely are they ‘sensible’ posts but insights into lives filled with love and laughter.  Hula hooping sessions in supermarkets; photos of them both wearing crazy outfits; ‘secret’ videos made of one of them singing or talking to themselves; and also bonkers videos and photos of their beautiful dogs.  There’s a simple beauty and lessons to be learnt from loving life so very much and sharing it with someone who just ‘gets it’.  Trish’s posts never fail to amuse me (and I’m sure the many other friends she has on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

I discovered Trish via the new fangled internet and at a time when I had no information about the cancer I was diagnosed with.  I knew no-one, there was no support group I could attend and my calls to ‘cancer support lines’ at Macmillan and other organisations led to responses such as ‘we’ve never heard of Phyllodes‘, ‘we have no information‘, ‘have you tried ??‘ etc.  But always with a warning NOT to turn to the internet as I might find things that are untrue.

Ha, I laughed in the face of this warning… and it turned out to be the best thing I’d ever done!  I found Trish… who then scooped me up and introduced me to her friends and the Facebook support groups.

“Trish posted a message on her Facebook wall which just goes to prove that there are angels alive and amongst us:

…ATTN: My fellow phyllodes friends – request Anna Wallace on my friends list,she’s brand new and recently diagnosed with a malignant phyllodes tumor and needs our support! Let’s show her how beating breast cancer is done! WONDER TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE!”

It was literally moments before Andi messaged me and minutes before many others did too.  I can’t express how pivotal this contact was for me in my journey and how despite only knowing these ladies for a few years, they are some of my closest friends.  I also loved meeting them in Atlanta and Orlando and giving them GoAnna hugs  It’s always such a joy when we get in touch via social media, Skype, Facetime or cards in the mail.

I’m only sorry that I’m not able, due to other commitments including my scans yesterday, to be at the wedding in San Deigo today.  I will, of course, be there in spirit and can’t wait to hear all about the day.  No doubt we will also be viewing some crazy videos and hearing daft quotes too.

Congratulations Trisha and Rissa… Wishing you an incredible wedding day today and a life together overflowing with love and laughter.  xxxx



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