GP Film for Macmillan

I have been asked to take part in a film about my experience of primary care with regard to my cancer diagnosis. As you know from this blog, I have an exceptionally wonderful GP. If you read any media referencing primary care you might well think that every cancer patient has a bad rapp with their GPs… but I guess only the bad news stories get reported!

So I was happy to ‘put myself out there’ in the hope that there’s a good story too.

Dr Pawan Randev who is a wonderful GP with a speciality of cancer. He is an inspiration to listen to. His role as a GP having received extra training from Macmillan has meant that attends conferences, speaks to patients, doctors, clinicians and healthcare groups alike. Obviously he’s been aware of the media that puts GPs in a bad light with regard to delays diagnosing cancer. As part of this, he’s obtained funding to put some short videos together. He’s then proposing to use these videos in the training of new GPs and clinicians.

Today they were filmed. The easiest place to see them is within Macmillan Learn Zone “Cancer in Primary Care – a Toolkit – Resources“.

I’m so pleased I added my voice which I hope demonstrates the positive message that good primary care interaction can have on a patient.

I understand that Dr Randev has been working with the medical deanery to include these videos into the new GP training courses.

NB – I’m aware that when cancer symptoms are harder to identify i.e. not ‘lumps’, some patients are sent away from the GP often on more than one occasion. The difficulties in cancer diagnosis is in many cases that the symptoms can be very similar to other illnesses – flu like symptoms, upset tummy, sporadic bleeding, headaches etc etc. For GPs seeing so many patients in a day, these can often mean that the true diagnosis is hidden behind ‘ordinary’ symptoms. GPs do an amazing job but often a truly difficult one too.

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