My Bench

Several months ago my Godmother put in an application for me to have a bench in Berkeley Square. You may recall that I mentioned that I’d love one in a few blog entries on herehere… and here

I had a call from my Godmother to say that the application for the bench is nearly finalised. They’ve told her that it could be there within the month. Honestly my heart raced when she told me.. I can’t believe it’s actually going to happen.

If we’d looked at my bucket list and had to mark them down in the order of ease to complete, this would definitely have been bottom of the list with a ‘wish it would happen but know it probably never will’ marked against it.

So to think that soon there will be a bench in Berkeley Square with my plaque on it, for everyone to enjoy, is totally amazingly, fantabulously, brilliantly brilliant. I think I shall have to have a ‘bench opening party’ with perhaps a ribbon to cut and a glass of champagne to enjoy when it’s finally there.. I do really hope that you will all take a few minutes to go to Berkeley Square, seek out my bench, sit, enjoy and share my little place of calm with me.

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