Juicing and Sponsored Diet Update

Well there’s good news and not so good news.

The good news is that the juicing diet definitely works.  I had a weigh-in on Day 5 of the 7 day juicing plan and I’d lost the 3.4kg which (according to Google) is 7.49lbs.   Brilliant stuff and I thought wisely that should I continue to juice for the final 2 days that I’d drop even more.

In all honesty I probably did.  Friday morning when I was rushing around I certainly was feeling slimmer, my skin was great and my energy levels were increased too.  I weighed-in on quickly and have just done the calculations – a slight rise since Day 5 – but still a loss of 2.8kg on the plan.  So if I’d been following it to the letter for the past 2 days why hadn’t I lost any weight.  This may be Too Much Information for some of you… but even though it’s just juice and even though there’s nothing bad in it and even though I may be pee’ing a lot… there’s no roughage or fibre in the diet… if you know what I mean!

I’m hoping with some sensible eating of 1 meal a day (containing fibre!) and balancing this with juices twice a day that I can maintain a steady weightloss from here on it and retain the benefits of skin feeling great and better energy levels.  Depending on how this works out with planning, purchasing and making the juices as part of every day, I may change to the 5.2 diet but using only juicing on my 2 days.

The ‘not so good news’ is that on Friday I headed up to Norfolk for a weekend of partying and celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday…. this morning’s weigh-in isn’t so good!

As for my sponsored diet, there’s more weight lost which means more funds raised for the fabulous Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol.  It may not be much but every penny counts and I know they’ll put it to great use to support both people with a cancer diagnosis and those carers and supporters who also need their services.  So if you’ve not yet sponsored me, add your pledge to the post I’m Going Old Skool.


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