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Penny Brohn

Juicing Update

I can honestly say I’m loving the juices. Apart from the wheatgrass shot (only once so far) and quite clearly is an acquired taste, I’m finding all the juices really […]
Juicing Update


OK so I’m a little disappointed with my weight loss. It’s still going in the right direction but blinking bananas it’s difficult shifting the extraordinary amount of excess weight that […]

I’m going Old Skool

I’m going Old Skool. I’m NOT going to run a marathon (or a 10K); I’m NOT going to climb Everest (or Kilimanjaro); I’m NOT going to walk the length of […]

Penny Brohn Approach course

The Living Well course that I attended in December was really wonderful. I can recall driving to it (from Tish’s funeral) in quite a state but driving back home after […]