Just seen the surgical team.

Pathology tested as benign however it had grown again since last scan, so oncologist and surgical team agreed it was right thing to do to take it out. Glue held nicely.

I have fluid in there but they think will absorb eventually (to be expected as I had no drains).

All good. And breathe! Yay!

Post surgery update


That didn’t go according to plan yesterday. I’m still in hospital. But ok. The pain block that they use in surgery didn’t work so when I woke up from anaesthetic there was a herd of angry elephants jumping on my boob! Took about 3hrs of various painkillers to stop pain. At that point they said I couldn’t go home. Day surgery had my stuff all locked up and only just got phone! Surgeon has been to see me this am and surgery site apparently looking good.

Also I couldn’t have gone home unless I went out sporting my very sexy gown, fishnet surgical pants and sexy stockings!! Made in Chelsea’s new fashionista look?

Ankle follow up

Follow up with fracture and orthopaedic consultant after my operation. Pleased with the ankle although pointed out it was

a) properly fractured from my Tennis and

b) got two osteochrondal lesions in really ‘bad’ spots. Looked through the pictures from surgery.

He managed to shave a few lesions, create a crater on the right of my ankle so that good cartilage can grow and snip out a heap of bad bits that were sliding between the bones and making mischief. He thinks I will be able to play tennis by the Spring (hurrah) but that I’ll probably need the same surgery again in a couple of years (and probably on repeat from there on in).

So bugga it… Spring Tennis it is xx