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Juice & Cleanse

As you know I’m very familiar with juicing now and happy to create my own juices or follow a Juicemaster plan.  However I wondered what the pre-prepared juices were really […]

6 monthly checks – results

Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief, I’ve got the results of this six-monthly ‘active monitoring’ scans. Nothing suspicious!  Yipppeeee! Next ultrasound and chest x-ray booked for January.  (Mammogram […]

Mammogram time

You’ll remember I recently went for my six monthly scans which are all part of the follow up regimen following my diagnosis with malignant phyllodes and DCIS.  You may also […]

Regular scans

You listen to me every 6 months talk about the follow up scans, the scanxiety and the results. Well it’s that time again.  It explains why I’m more than a […]

Juicing Update

I can honestly say I’m loving the juices. Apart from the wheatgrass shot (only once so far) and quite clearly is an acquired taste, I’m finding all the juices really […]
Juicing Update

Menopause results

I received a call today from the GP with the results of my blood test.  She told me that the blood test showed that I wasn’t anywhere on the menopause […]

Dr and Hospital re headaches

It’s no word of a lie that I’ve not been coping well with these headaches.  I hadn’t realised how debilitating headaches could be until the past couple of years.  At […]

Consultant results appt

Visiting the Royal Marsden today.  Always love that they have a wing named the ‘Wallace Wing’. I’m loitering in the waiting room and it slowly empties… I’m still sat there.  […]

Ultrasound and chest x-ray

No matter how many times I do this, my ‘active monitoring’ scans are always anxiety making.  Today is the six monthly ultrasound and chest x-ray. Ultrasound – Quickly seen and […]

Colour in my life

Until this week I’d not really connected anxiety and colour in my life.  However, whilst I painted the final coat of colour to a garden shed I finally realised what […]

Follow up appointment

This morning I attended the breast cancer clinic for an appointment following my recent biopsy.  As in the previous posting the pathology indicated that the ‘dots’ weren’t anything to worry […]

Biopsy phone call

What a caring service I’ve received at Royal Marsden already.  This was continued this morning when one of the breast care nurses phoned to let me know the results of […]

Neurology results

Some 7 months after my first neurology appointment, I’m back at the hospital to meet with my neurology consultant.  I’ve received a letter in the interim advising that the MRI […]