Ankle follow up

Follow up with fracture and orthopaedic consultant after my operation. Pleased with the ankle although pointed out it was

a) properly fractured from my Tennis and

b) got two osteochrondal lesions in really ‘bad’ spots. Looked through the pictures from surgery.

He managed to shave a few lesions, create a crater on the right of my ankle so that good cartilage can grow and snip out a heap of bad bits that were sliding between the bones and making mischief. He thinks I will be able to play tennis by the Spring (hurrah) but that I’ll probably need the same surgery again in a couple of years (and probably on repeat from there on in).

So bugga it… Spring Tennis it is xx

Surgery postponed


No surgery tomorrow. They’ve got results of heart monitor but not enough time to consider and discuss with right people before tomorrow. Should get a call tomorrow to let me know when surgery will be (and presumably heart results) Sooooooooo pissed off.

Surgery Prep

Surgery was scheduled for next week for boob op. I passed all the tests (well apart from high white blood count) and even my ecg. BUT today they managed to get ecgs from my “a&e adventure” last week!

They’ve tried all day to speak to the cardiologist at the other hospital to pursuade him to see me quickly but blocked from even speaking to him!

<<Meanwhile (I didn’t know about this glitch) so I cancelled a small op planned on my ankle. That’ll be rescheduled for February next year… or later! >>

Sooo at about 5 tonight they made the decision to cancel my op until the cardiologist has seen me/more tests etc. So pissed off. Just want it all to be over.

Taking bets on surgery being scheduled for my 50th birthday!


Pre-op time for my ankle surgery later this month. Met surgeon this am at St Georges hospital. Always makes me giggle that they spend so long telling you what might go wrong and telling me that I fractured a ridiculously difficult area to fix!! Hey ho. Whatevs!