Juicing and Sponsored Diet Update

Well there’s good news and not so good news.

The good news is that the juicing diet definitely works.  I had a weigh-in on Day 5 of the 7 day juicing plan and I’d lost the 3.4kg which (according to Google) is 7.49lbs.   Brilliant stuff and I thought wisely that should I continue to juice for the final 2 days that I’d drop even more.

In all honesty I probably did.  Friday morning when I was rushing around I certainly was feeling slimmer, my skin was great and my energy levels were increased too.  I weighed-in on quickly and have just done the calculations – a slight rise since Day 5 – but still a loss of 2.8kg on the plan.  So if I’d been following it to the letter for the past 2 days why hadn’t I lost any weight.  This may be Too Much Information for some of you… but even though it’s just juice and even though there’s nothing bad in it and even though I may be pee’ing a lot… there’s no roughage or fibre in the diet… if you know what I mean!

I’m hoping with some sensible eating of 1 meal a day (containing fibre!) and balancing this with juices twice a day that I can maintain a steady weightloss from here on it and retain the benefits of skin feeling great and better energy levels.  Depending on how this works out with planning, purchasing and making the juices as part of every day, I may change to the 5.2 diet but using only juicing on my 2 days.

The ‘not so good news’ is that on Friday I headed up to Norfolk for a weekend of partying and celebrating a friend’s 50th birthday…. this morning’s weigh-in isn’t so good!

As for my sponsored diet, there’s more weight lost which means more funds raised for the fabulous Penny Brohn Cancer Centre in Bristol.  It may not be much but every penny counts and I know they’ll put it to great use to support both people with a cancer diagnosis and those carers and supporters who also need their services.  So if you’ve not yet sponsored me, add your pledge to the post I’m Going Old Skool.


Juicing Update

I can honestly say I’m loving the juices. Apart from the wheatgrass shot (only once so far) and quite clearly is an acquired taste, I’m finding all the juices really delicious. No really!

I’ve been surprised at how full I am on each day and wondered if I should reduce the quantity of fruit and veg I juice or even to skip one of the many daily juices. I called the ‘Juicemaster Hotline’ to ask and now understand even more about it. They suggested that if I was struggling with the volume then I should still do all the juices but reduce the content slightly. I hadn’t realised (blonde!) that each one is specifically chosen as it has certain ingredients and therefore benefits to be taken on that day and in that order. Make sense really but I’d not thought it through that far.

I have read the book from cover to cover. This is recommended as it gives you many motivational tips and tricks as well as dealing with many of the myths associated with juicing. Certainly for me, many of the things in the book (and other material) have made sense. For instance, I thought I’d be craving certain things. Or perhaps needing to use my teeth and chew! In reality it’s been ‘relatively’ easy to a) remind myself it’s only 7 days; b) I chose to do this and not doing it is failing; c) no-one is watching, except me – but how would I feel; and d) Chew a piece of carrot!

I also downloaded the App. This has been really useful as a reminder of what’s next and when + they have a great ‘shopping list’ feature that I know I’ll use when the 7 days is over but to continue juicing as ‘part’ of a healthier diet.

It’s not cheap to start out with this juicing and I guess you’ve got to be sure you’re going to continue with it (on some level) before making investments. I did do Day 1 only with a blender (no juicer) which meant blending everything and then straining it each time. I took such a lot of time, I needed to spend more time chopping and preparing the fruit and veg and the washing up of the sieve wasn’t great! By the end of Day 1, I’d ordered a new juicer to be delivered on Day 2 before midday! It was under £100 (with express delivery) and is so worth it. Firstly it’s quick and easy to juice and secondly, the parts are easy to clean and can be put in the dishwasher too!

On Saturday evening however I did have to ‘misbehave’ a little. For a very very long time, I’ve had a dinner in the diary, the menus had been chosen and I was committed to being there (as well as wanting to be there for my friend’s birthday). However although I made the decision that I would eat the dinner, I would only drink water and forego any G&Ts or wine with the meal. The dinner was delicious and I didn’t have a hangover on Sunday morning!

Day 4 now. I’ve done a little weigh-in and there’s a little weight lost but not a lot. Although to be fair I wasn’t really expecting a great deal at this point as I’ve taken on board such a lot of liquid and juice, only a few days in and also had dinner on Saturday! So any loss was good. What I have noticed is that my skin is definitely clearer and brighter. I’ve also (don’t quite me on this) noticed that there’s a curve or two appearing on my body. I may not have lost much weight at this stage but there’s definitely a reshaping going on and my clothes are fitting more comfortably.

Looking forward to the next few days and will update you then.

Here’s a of the juices so far… (honestly they are delish)

IMG_4669 IMG_4676 IMG_4682 IMG_4692


OK so I’m a little disappointed with my weight loss. It’s still going in the right direction but blinking bananas it’s difficult shifting the extraordinary amount of excess weight that I’ve grown rather attached to. I’m determined though and I’m also so very pleased that I made this ‘diet‘ public through this blog. Why? Because as my weight plateaus and I get fed up with not seeing any change in my shape or the numbers on the scales, I’d usually give up.

But as you’re all watching me and as you’re all sponsoring me for the wonderful Penny Brohn Cancer Centre, I’m determined to not only get back on track, pull myself out of the doldrums but also excel at this… I know I’ll feel better physically but also mentally. Haha you never know I might even bother with that dating thing again… but eek that-a-way they’d have to see my scars too!

I know I’m no good at weighing and measuring food and ingredients. Tracking the numbers and calorie counting. So for me that excludes a lot of prescribed diets. I know I can stick to the the ‘diet food delivery’ model for a short period but then get bored with feeling like I’m not eating anything tasty or cooking something delicious for myself – so always a short term option. I also know that having tried these and many other methods I crave good tasty food with wonderful ingredients that I can cook and eat with others.

So what am I doing this week? Hmm time to give me a kick in the proverbial butt!

A lot of people have sworn by juicing. Not just for dieting but also for detoxing, cancer fighting and energy giving. When I was in Australia I love love loved the juice bars that were on every street corner and would very often have a beetroot, orange and pineapple juice (my fave) or something similar which would be juiced in front of me. Back in the UK however it all seems too much of a phaff.

I have however loved drinking (when I can afford it) the Naked Juices – my favourite being the Green Machine. I’d thought that these were healthy as well as tasty… and then I learnt how to read the label and calculated the equivalent of how many teaspoons of sugar there was in each tiny bottle… scary stuff and I will now no longer be enjoying those!

So last week I decided to get some recipes for juices that I could do make the blender at home. I figured that I’d need to try a few out to see if I could in fact get the nutrients, vitamins and minerals I needed whilst enjoying a flavoursome juice. Could I also cope without being truly hungry and reaching for some carbs to fill me up during the day.

The answer was YES! I replaced a few meals with some juices – examples below.

IMG_4568 IMG_4577

Then I heard about the Juicemaster programme. Lose 7lb in 7 days without being hungry and remaining healthy. Hmmm really? So I bought the book. I read up about it online. All looks good. And it’s not just replacing the odd meal with juices. In fact in a day, I’ll be having 5 juices and 2 hot drinks.

Right now, I’m waiting for all the organic fruits and vegetables to be delivered…


I’ll keep you posted.

Remember you can still help me achieve my goal by pledging some sponsorship for my weight loss challenge – all funds will go to the ever wonderful Penny Brohn Cancer Centre.