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2 years on reflection

Two years ago today I received the results of my biopsy. They told me that I had a benign fibroadenoma and that this could easily be removed, nothing to worry […]


My lovely GP called me in to see him today. I didn’t know why but presumed he may have received the results of my latest scans from the hospital and […]


I’ve been to Paris many times but not for quite a few years so when British Airways ‘suggested’ I visit, I agreed and booked my flights. I chose to wander […]

My Bench

Several months ago my Godmother put in an application for me to have a bench in Berkeley Square. You may recall that I mentioned that I’d love one in a […]

2 years and 2 days on

It didn’t go unnoticed, by me, that on Saturday 20th August 2009 was the day that I found the lump that has caused me so much anxiety, sense of loss […]

Fizz, Fizz, Glorious Fizz

Many people have commented on my Facebook account about my enjoying the odd (ahem) glass of champagne. My comments have often been that it’s Champagne Monday, Bubble Tuesday, Fizzy Friday, […]


I’ve escaped for a few days to see my Little Bro and his family in Edinburgh.  This really is a stunning City in the sunshine.. actually it’s a stunning City […]


I don’t often talk about Mum anymore… or at least not out loud.  I do however go to dial her phone number and remember that she’s no longer here…. or […]


OK so there’s a huge chunk of time missing from this journey… I’ve been busy.. some good, some not so good and I promise to update you on all that […]

Olympic ticket confirmation

I’m currently doing a **happy dance**. For all those people who said that noone would ever get tickets and all those doubters out there, I did! I’ve today received my […]