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Birthday Day

It’s difficult sometimes to get together with people who have busy careers and a family… so it’s not often that Helena and I manage to catch up properly… ie without […]
Birthday Day

Kerry’s funeral

Whilst I was in Berlin at the SPAEN conference I received a call from Tish to let me know that Kerry had passed away.  I was devastated.  Kerry had ovarian […]

Bench with MC

I’ve visited Berkeley Square many times since the call from my Godmother to say the Council have advised it’ll be there v v soon. It never is. I must look […]
Bench with MC

NCRI Conference 2011, Liverpool

I’m currently in Liverpool at the NCRI (National Cancer Research Institute) Conference as a lay person and representing the various committees, boards and support groups that I am part of. […]

Skin clinic

Being fair skinned and someone who has had moles/bumps removed, I do try to keep an eye on my skin. In the UK there isn’t the awareness about skin cancer […]

Phyllodes Sisters

During my journey I have spoken of my ‘Phyllodes Sisters’ who have been there for me in so many ways.  The majority of these ladies I met online via the […]


Happy Birthday Granny. It’s funny how I know it was my Grandmother’s birth date and that I now remember it every year. I didn’t when you were alive but now […]