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Following on from the disastrous attempt last month, I tried again. I was sent the bowel prep and followed the instructions carefully (eek I really didn’t want to be too […]

New sheds

Fed up with my leaking garden shed, I’ve managed to persuade my brother to sell me two new sheds and more to the point for him to come to London […]
New sheds

About the Girl

There’s always a lot of discussion about looking and feeling good after breast surgery. It’s hard enough to find a decent bra or swimwear to fit when you’ve not had […]

Colonoscopy NOT!

For many months I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen, swelling that comes and goes but is excruciatingly painful, headaches and dreadful nausea. There’s also been blood […]

Olympic tickets go on sale

For once I was up with the larks, coffee made and drunk, breakfast foraged for and disappeared. I anxiously waited by my computer for THE moment. What moment you might […]

Internet – friend or foe?

20 years ago when diagnosed with cancer we would have relied upon the information and resources provided by our medical teams.  Perhaps we may also have covertly visited the library […]


Through my own experiences and sharing with others, I realised that ‘surviving’ after a cancer diagnosis is far more than regular checks and/or medication.  There is a huge emotional and […]