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Research interviews

I was invited to undertake some research for a pharmaceutical company.  I’m not sure which one but was delighted to be asked, particularly as all the participants they asked are […]

Bunkfest 2013 – Wallingford

Finally, I made it to Bunkfest. Well at least the Sunday part of the festival anyway. Extraordinary community festival. Lots going on. Probably too many Morris Dancers for my taste […]

My Proms 2013

I’m truly dreadful. I live a bus ride and short walk away from the Albert Hall. I have no reason not to, every year, attend more of the Proms season. […]
My Proms 2013

Colour in my life

Until this week I’d not really connected anxiety and colour in my life.  However, whilst I painted the final coat of colour to a garden shed I finally realised what […]

Follow up appointment

This morning I attended the breast cancer clinic for an appointment following my recent biopsy.  As in the previous posting the pathology indicated that the ‘dots’ weren’t anything to worry […]

Biopsy phone call

What a caring service I’ve received at Royal Marsden already.  This was continued this morning when one of the breast care nurses phoned to let me know the results of […]

Neurology results

Some 7 months after my first neurology appointment, I’m back at the hospital to meet with my neurology consultant.  I’ve received a letter in the interim advising that the MRI […]

Sarcoma Consultation

This afternoon I met, as planned, with my sarcoma team for the results of my six monthly checks from the perspective of phyllodes sarcoma.  They will, of course, be involved […]

Biopsies done… next?

I’m not sure that I slept for more than 60 minutes in a row last night and was utterly exhausted when my alarm eventually went off.  To be fair I […]