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Personal trainer

I could blame my weight gain on having cancer.  I could blame it on not feeling well or lack of energy or fatigue or lots of other stuff.  BUT if […]

Urology consultant appt

I was determined that today was going to be my last and final visit to “the mortuary”… but not before an open and honest discussion was to take place between […]

BBC Proms 2012

The first Proms concert took place on 10 August 1895 and were named after the manager of the newly built Queen’s Hall in London who ‘created’ the idea.  “Mr Robert […]
BBC Proms 2012


As you know from my previous post, I’ve been a touch anxious about this upcoming check.  What I neglected to tell you is that I’ve been having a lot of […]

Happy Birthday to our NHS

Today our beloved NHS is 64 years old.  I’m just hoping that it’s not going to retire at 65! I’m aware that sometimes I don’t sound grateful for the wonderful […]


I’m sorry to say it’s whinge time…. we wonder why the NHS has no money when we know there are inefficiencies taking place every day.  It’s just terrifically frustrating when […]

Sssssh secret mission

OK so I can’t tell you where I’ve been but I will share with you what I’ve been doing this evening. I’ve been undercover with Silent Customer mystery dining.  Obviously […]