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Questions and Answers

Today I’m anxious and I’m quite sure my blood pressure is through the roof.  I can’t help but wonder if the pathology is in and if I’m going to meet with […]

Will they play nicely?

Have to confess to being nervous about the next couple of days of medical appointments. Although grateful that the appointments are now and not scheduled for some time in the […]


Yesterday afternoon there was jointly a little knock and a huge hammering on my front door. Upon opening the door I was greeted by my niece and nephew (of course), […]

Is no news, good news?

Still waiting for results from the re-slicing and re-dicing of my the second excision pathology. My radiation lady had been so certain when she said confidently to call her if […]

Funding request….

As you know I’m very excited and grateful to have received a grant from the Young Survivors Conference Scholarship Fund which will cover a large chunk of the expenses and […]

Are you ready for Christmas?

The joy of internet shopping has helped me out this year.. final parcel has just arrived (not cutting it too tight!) Mr Snowman (AKA Sebastian) survived the thunderstorm last night. […]

Festive wishes

Whilst I wait further for news, I realise that I haven’t actually into gear and sorted out Christmas cards and present shopping yet… so since a lot of my friends […]

It’s snowing yippee

I’m getting a little bored of the niggling pain but others who have had similar surgery have been told that it could take months for the tissue to settle, so […]

Waiting… again

Will I hear today or Monday about radiation? Hehehe, almost at the second I hit the ‘save’ button, the phone rang.  The decision is in… well mostly… The sarcoma group […]