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Today my brother, uncle and I spent the day at Mum’s property going through and boxing up the final sentimental items and discarding the remaining items for charity or the […]


Time to give you all an update as I’ve received a number of calls, emails and anxious texts asking about the bump and irritating pain… ‘does that mean it’s back?’… […]

Today is a good day

Quiet but constructive day.  I got lots done (well by my recent standards) and was able to ignore the irritating little niggling pains… definately decided they are just due to […]

Chilling out

Tears and tiredness today following my day out yesterday and I’m sure not helped by the reruns of conversations and reports all night!  A somewhat constructive day though sorting out […]

Kindness of strangers

A busy day for me with a GP and dentist appointment.  A short while ago I would have also managed a bit of retail therapy, lunch with the ladies and […]

Is there something in a name?

I received the call from the radiation clinical oncologist following the referral.  She (Anna!) said, like so many others before, that she doesn’t have experience of phyllodes tumours and has […]

Maybe tomorrow?

Lovely day spent with my Pa and his wife, relaxing and chilling whilst being plied with delicious food.  Nagging pain still there though and has been sharper this evening.  It […]


Definitely a PJ day today.  Miserable weather outside and the pinching pain is much worse – perhaps I did too much yesterday.  I’ve also noticed that there’s a bump where […]

Getting on with it

Apologies for those of you who check in every day – no update yesterday. One big task organised yesterday – removals of the items I’m inheriting from Mum’s house into […]


I’ve heard a lot of people say that once you’ve had cancer you will always be waiting, for something. Whether it be waiting for clues (hoping for none but checking […]

Happy Birthday Jack & me

Those of you who know me well, know that I just love birthdays and Christmas and actually any celebration that provides me with opportunity to source and give nutty presents […]

How much is too much?

As a wonderfully relaxing weekend draws to a close, I am grateful for H’s company, being looked after, being pampered, being able to catch up uninterrupted (thanks to grandparents for […]