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My health

Abdomen Ultrasound

Will this find out what’s going on? Instructions for this appointment are that I needed to empty my bladder and hour and a half before my appointment and then refill […]


Hahaha don’t you just love hospital instructions!… I have more scans and one of my instructions is not to wear a corset!! I hadn’t been thinking about wearing one but […]


After the months of symptoms, pain and bleeding followed by the long wait for a colonoscopy and then finally procedure itself, I’ve made an appointment with my GP to discuss […]

Skin clinic

Being fair skinned and someone who has had moles/bumps removed, I do try to keep an eye on my skin. In the UK there isn’t the awareness about skin cancer […]


Happy Birthday Granny. It’s funny how I know it was my Grandmother’s birth date and that I now remember it every year. I didn’t when you were alive but now […]

2 years on reflection

Two years ago today I received the results of my biopsy. They told me that I had a benign fibroadenoma and that this could easily be removed, nothing to worry […]


My lovely GP called me in to see him today. I didn’t know why but presumed he may have received the results of my latest scans from the hospital and […]

2 years and 2 days on

It didn’t go unnoticed, by me, that on Saturday 20th August 2009 was the day that I found the lump that has caused me so much anxiety, sense of loss […]


I don’t often talk about Mum anymore… or at least not out loud.  I do however go to dial her phone number and remember that she’s no longer here…. or […]


Following on from the disastrous attempt last month, I tried again. I was sent the bowel prep and followed the instructions carefully (eek I really didn’t want to be too […]

Colonoscopy NOT!

For many months I’ve been experiencing a lot of pain in my abdomen, swelling that comes and goes but is excruciatingly painful, headaches and dreadful nausea. There’s also been blood […]


Through my own experiences and sharing with others, I realised that ‘surviving’ after a cancer diagnosis is far more than regular checks and/or medication.  There is a huge emotional and […]

(Nearly) all good news

Since the New Year I have already achieved a great deal with the organisation of the UK breast cancer event in November 2011.  There’s still a long way to go […]

A New Year…

As we make our way into a new year and a new decade, I figured there should first be some reflection on the year just passed… but that would be […]