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My health


As most of you know I’m rubbish at dates. Yes I could be referring to dates with the opposite sex but what I actually mean is dates on a calendar […]


To say I’m relieved would be an understatement. For all my joking around about plastercast boobs and ‘feeling a right tit’, I was a tad worried about having to have […]

Is it really a year?

Mum, It was a year ago today that I received a call from Roli to ask me to come quickly. I remember starting my day with an early text from […]


OK today’s the day I get to go for my 12 week check up scan that I had to fight so hard to get (despite it already being agreed!). I […]

Where does all the time go?

Well apart from moving, decorating, cleaning and sorting in the garden, I’ve also been hard at work getting to grips with the huge goal that I set myself of the […]

Thank you all – Jolene

I’m soooo very pleased to report that Jolene is doing well.  She’s out of ICU and in a private room.  There’s lots of work yet to do, not least learning […]

Your new normal

I spoke in February of a workshop that I had attended in the US that had been open and frank about our ‘new normal’ and coming to terms with new […]

Scan results

Whooohooo after a little light lunch with some old friends, I went to the hospital to see my oncologist and get the results of my scan… which of course, was […]

Questions and Answers

Today I’m anxious and I’m quite sure my blood pressure is through the roof.  I can’t help but wonder if the pathology is in and if I’m going to meet with […]

You’re not alone

Whilst I wait for Tuesday to arrive, I thought I should use today’s entry to remind or tell anyone who has come across this site in a search for answers or […]