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Thank you all – Jolene

I’m soooo very pleased to report that Jolene is doing well.  She’s out of ICU and in a private room.  There’s lots of work yet to do, not least learning […]

Your new normal

I spoke in February of a workshop that I had attended in the US that had been open and frank about our ‘new normal’ and coming to terms with new […]

Wealth Dynamics Workshop

About 18 months ago I heard about Wealth Dynamics and wanted to learn more.  At the time it was for self-improvement and understanding.  So much has happened since then and my focus […]

Busier than a busy bee

Hellooo all.  I’ll start with a quick apology – if you’re hoping to catch up with me whilst I’m ‘between jobs’ then I apologise… I’ve been busy!  Call me, nag […]

Scan results

Whooohooo after a little light lunch with some old friends, I went to the hospital to see my oncologist and get the results of my scan… which of course, was […]


So much for having a month off… I’m not quite sure I’ve worked out this ‘chilling out’ thing. I did manage the lady who lunches thing but also discussed the […]

The next chapter

Gosh so much has happened since my last update… some scary… some exciting… but all positive and moving forward – now that’s got to be a good place! I’ve been […]

Milestone moment?

Today seemed like yet another milestone moment in my journey. This time however for what I consider to be, the right reasons. Scary and frightening but at the same time, […]

Bank holiday blues

I’m not sure where to start or with what or where today’s entry is going to go.. bear with me.  Life’s funny (not necessarily in a haha sort of funny […]

Nervous, moi?

OK, so for all the bravado and I’m OK positive noises… I’m a little lot nervous about my first 12 weekly check-up.  Sounds ridiculous to be so nervous and I wonder if […]