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To say I’m relieved would be an understatement. For all my joking around about plastercast boobs and ‘feeling a right tit’, I was a tad worried about having to have […]

Oh to sleep…

It sounds so ridiculous to not be able to sleep when I’m sooo damn tired. Maybe it is the lazy gene but in my defence your honour, I get to […]

Is it really a year?

Mum, It was a year ago today that I received a call from Roli to ask me to come quickly. I remember starting my day with an early text from […]


I recently bought a new Apple iMac as I’d heard everyone saying how wonderful they were, reliable, easy to use, better for graphics, website and design etc – something I […]

New office antics?

Ok so after a sleepless night at Millies we’ve shopped, wandered, occupied and generally taken my mind off it (although I did beat the kids at Scrabble!)… then the appointment […]

(part II) Update

Well that didn’t quite go according to plan. Was going to pop in, get covered in that weird ultrasound gel, have a radiographer poke and prod at my boobs (all […]


OK today’s the day I get to go for my 12 week check up scan that I had to fight so hard to get (despite it already being agreed!). I […]

Where does all the time go?

Well apart from moving, decorating, cleaning and sorting in the garden, I’ve also been hard at work getting to grips with the huge goal that I set myself of the […]

Jolene update

My friend Jolene has today been travelling up to San Fran to see her team of doctors and hear about the medical trials they are proposing for her. She has […]