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Chilling with H

There’s been more of the pulling/pinching pains today and I’m not sure why as I’ve done very little and been careful not to push myself so am more than grateful […]

c’mon, smile..

Today I wanted to thank you for your encouraging words and messages, all of which I have appreciated, treasured and sometimes made me shed a tear but mostly made me […]

It’s mental too

I was thinking today about other aspects associated with being diagnosed with breast cancer and the indignities that go along with all the physical aspects (tests, poking, prodding, biopsies, blood […]

Today’s a good day

I neglected to tell you something… a friend sent me a link to an article written in The Independent newsletter about one of the journalists’ journey with breast cancer and […]

A little ouchy

I’m not sure if the niggling pain is due to the tissue shuffling round or if I have another infection.  Sounds ridiculous having just finished the last lot of strong […]

Happy Birthday Millie!

I had an uncomfortable night’s sleep last night and a little pain.  Not sure why but perhaps that I went for a short 40 minute walk with a friend yesterday […]

Soooo tired

My younger brother and his daughter stayed over last night before returning to Glasgow today,  I was able to have a lie-in this morning and then spend a few hours […]

You’re not alone

Whilst I wait for Tuesday to arrive, I thought I should use today’s entry to remind or tell anyone who has come across this site in a search for answers or […]

Errr another countdown?

3 more sleeps until I hope to hear from the hospital following their group meeting and receipt of the full histology report.  It’s funny (and boy have I had to […]


I’m not sure which of you said, “it sounds like you’re out of the woods but there’s still a few saplings to go” – I think you’re probably spot on.  I would […]