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Test results (de ja vu)

Antibiotics have done their stuff and the infection has nearly all gone (evil side affects though!)   Leaving shortly to get through the roadworks to the hospital in good time for […]


Brief update today as it hurts not to be curled up in a ball on my side… the lovely side affects of the antibiotics so have been kept awake by cramps […]

Fed up

I’ve been so hugely positive about Op No. 2 and felt great afterwards.  All the shooting pains have gone away which makes me believe that they managed to remove the […]

Maybe too soon

Not such a great night’s sleep for no reason as I was feeling so well.  It appears that I have an infection as there is a red, hot patch… blitzing it with drugs […]

A revelation

I woke up early this morning with feeling amazingly chipper.  I think I’m either getting used to general anaesthetics or all the positive energy, support, prayers and love you all […]

Now… relax

After an anxious morning on the ward waiting for the endless visits from anaesthetics, consultants, nurses, breast cancer care team, physiotherapists and generally anyone else in the medical teams… or […]

Op No. 2

Nigel collected me at 6.15am following a sleepless night and delivered me to the hospital in good time by 7am.  He didn’t however leave me at the main entrance this time, insisting […]

OMG, it’s tomorrow

So much for prescription sleeping pills.. wide awake nice and early but it’s a gloriously autumnal day so shouldn’t grumble too much.  I just love it when the autumn colours […]

Nearly there

All stations go today.  I wanted to get my house clean and tidy (whoops even found the duster), the fridge cleared out, washing and ironing done, bills paid up to date […]

Slow start

Slow start this morning.  Am exhausted as mind is whirring again.  Think I spent most of the night thinking and rethinking and just in case I hadn’t already thought it […]


Shattered this morning but had to wake early to get to the Doctors Surgery for a swine flu injection.  Whooohooo with everything else that is going on, I now qualify in […]


I’m exhausted and my boobie is painful again but I need to do my bit at Mum’s house with some final sorting.  All of a sudden I’m very conscious that there’s […]

At Mum’s

I’m incredibly lucky in that I’ve got such good friends in Millie and her family. They offered and I accepted, to come down to Mum’s house and help with the […]