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There’s a post on the forum answering my question about the sharp stabbing pain. “I think the pain is probably caused by the op but I have had a couple […]


Desperate to find some answers I resort once again to the internet and start searching through the forums on the Rare Cancer Support Alliance website.  After a few hours reading postings and […]

Rare Cancer Support Alliance

Whoohoooo, finally, I have discovered the Rare Cancer Support Alliance ( which not only lists details about a malignant phyllodes tumour but has forums where other ladies have posted and […]

Macmillan nurse call

Greta called me today following my queries on the answerphone.  She’s brilliant and what a fab service she (and their team) provides.  She gently assures me that have spoken with […]

Macmillan nurse call

I have been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my right breast. It feels a little like a hot poker being stabbed into my breast and pulsing with pain. The […]

Visit to GP

Today I’m up very early to drive to London and get that appointment with my Doctor. I need to ask him if I should be signed off from work – […]

More searching

I’ve managed to find a Science Daily report but cannot access the whole report. This is so frustrating as it actually seems to be imply that they’ve carried out a […]

Search for a solution begins

I was up very early and connected to the internet.  I’m determined to find something to help me work out what next.  What does this really mean?  I can’t believe […]


I left Millies and headed home today but not before Millie and I had talked at length about what happened yesterday. What does it really mean? We read and re-read […]


Today I went back to see my consultant to get my stitches checked. Millie drove me up to the hospital and after a couple of hours in the waiting area, […]


I decide that I’ve got to grow up and take off the dressing. I know that if I left it until tomorrow my consultant would laugh at my pathetic-ness and […]

Next few days or so

The next days passed with me sleeping for hours and lounging for the other hours and a few visitors but I think I was so fuzzy I was probably such […]

Release day

Eventually everyone else woke up and the ward started buzzing. I was desperate to leave though and go home (well to Millies) to get under my duvet. I soon got […]

The big day

Another good friend, Nigel, picked me up at 6am and drove me to the hospital for my 7am admission. I had been quite happy to get a taxi but was […]

Preadmission tests at hospital

Kingston hospital have summoned me to be tested for everything and importantly to ensure that I won’t bring any MRSA into the hospital. Actually, it was good and calmed me […]