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My health

Errr another countdown?

3 more sleeps until I hope to hear from the hospital following their group meeting and receipt of the full histology report.  It’s funny (and boy have I had to […]

Test results (de ja vu)

Antibiotics have done their stuff and the infection has nearly all gone (evil side affects though!)   Leaving shortly to get through the roadworks to the hospital in good time for […]


Brief update today as it hurts not to be curled up in a ball on my side… the lovely side affects of the antibiotics so have been kept awake by cramps […]

Op No. 2

Nigel collected me at 6.15am following a sleepless night and delivered me to the hospital in good time by 7am.  He didn’t however leave me at the main entrance this time, insisting […]

OMG, it’s tomorrow

So much for prescription sleeping pills.. wide awake nice and early but it’s a gloriously autumnal day so shouldn’t grumble too much.  I just love it when the autumn colours […]


There’s a post on the forum answering my question about the sharp stabbing pain. “I think the pain is probably caused by the op but I have had a couple […]

Rare Cancer Support Alliance

Whoohoooo, finally, I have discovered the Rare Cancer Support Alliance ( which not only lists details about a malignant phyllodes tumour but has forums where other ladies have posted and […]

Macmillan nurse call

Greta called me today following my queries on the answerphone.  She’s brilliant and what a fab service she (and their team) provides.  She gently assures me that have spoken with […]

Macmillan nurse call

I have been experiencing a sharp stabbing pain in my right breast. It feels a little like a hot poker being stabbed into my breast and pulsing with pain. The […]

Visit to GP

Today I’m up very early to drive to London and get that appointment with my Doctor. I need to ask him if I should be signed off from work – […]

More searching

I’ve managed to find a Science Daily report but cannot access the whole report. This is so frustrating as it actually seems to be imply that they’ve carried out a […]


Today I went back to see my consultant to get my stitches checked. Millie drove me up to the hospital and after a couple of hours in the waiting area, […]