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My health


I decide that I’ve got to grow up and take off the dressing. I know that if I left it until tomorrow my consultant would laugh at my pathetic-ness and […]

Next few days or so

The next days passed with me sleeping for hours and lounging for the other hours and a few visitors but I think I was so fuzzy I was probably such […]

Release day

Eventually everyone else woke up and the ward started buzzing. I was desperate to leave though and go home (well to Millies) to get under my duvet. I soon got […]

The big day

Another good friend, Nigel, picked me up at 6am and drove me to the hospital for my 7am admission. I had been quite happy to get a taxi but was […]

Preadmission tests at hospital

Kingston hospital have summoned me to be tested for everything and importantly to ensure that I won’t bring any MRSA into the hospital. Actually, it was good and calmed me […]


I’m finding it incredibly draining and tired all the time waiting for the operation. I’m pleased it’s only a benign lump that will be simply sorted out but I’ve never […]


Today I went shopping for pajamas that do up at the front and a post-surgery bra. Usually I would be looking fo some lovely matching lingerie and choosing the prettiest […]

September blur

It’s difficult being focussed on anything. I’m either trying to handle Mum’s death, sorting out the many tasks that we need to do to notify companies and people of Mum’s […]

Biopsy results

I arrived at the hospital in plenty of time and took a seat in the waiting area. I anxiously looked up every time the door opened and eventually my name […]


I didn’t make the ball with my brother and his wife. I’m gutted as I had really really been looking forward to glamming up and having a good boogie but […]

Hospital tests

The 4th September felt like the longest day in history. My appointment began at 9.45am with my first meeting my consultant. In my usual way, I hid my anxiety with […]

The hospital call

My mobile rang at 7am and blurrily I took the call. It was the hospital calling to say they’d received a fax from my doctor and wanted to arrange an […]

Doctor appointment

I am so lucky to have the best doctor in the world.  He knows that if I ask about something there is a genuine reason why I’m asking, he also […]

Finally I call the Doctor

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I should have seen my doctor sooner but I was determined that the lump was ‘just going away’. Surely it had been down to all […]

Mum’s funeral and the lump

Mum’s cremation and thanksgiving service is arranged for today. Fortunately during the final months I had been able to discuss with Mum what she would like so when it came […]